In 1972, Europlastex started to offer metal and plastic packaging to the chemical and parachemical indutry.
Our German partners are "leader" in the "home-market" supplying the major firms. They export to the EEC countries as well outside.
Siepe (Kerpen, Germany)
This private company exists since more than 125 years and owns 3 plants in Germany, the head-office as well the initial plant located in Kerpen, near to Cologne. Siepe is the leader in the production of conical drums, offering cylindrical drums as well. Some years ago, an important investment has been made towards the plastic packaging such as PE drums and jerrycans, approved for the transport of liquid and solid products.
AST (Erndtebrück, Germany)
This private company exists since 1978 and belongs nowadays to the main specialists of stackable plastic jerrycans. AST became gradually in all Europe one of the most efficient manufacturer of jerrycans, ISO certified and approved for the transport of dangerous liquid products. AST owns an important number of up-to-date machines, a guarantee for a perfect quality which wins the loyalty of the customers. The last investment is a sleeve-machine. Since recently, AST develops a range of PE drums.
H&K Müller (Engelskirchen, Germany)
Founded in 1934, this private company is the German specialist of single PP jar with screw-cap and tamper-evident caps for some diameters.
The range of standards is exhaustive, from 10 ml to 2.000 ml, and can be used for filling powder, pastes, granules and creams with a certain viscosity. In addition, H&K Müller produces measuring spoons and beakers.

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