We create and manufacture the Jewelled Cases of the Beauty World
It is a little known fact that EUROPLASTEX was created in 1972. This was a time when the global supply and importation of plasticpackaging components was nearly non existent.
EUROPLASTEX has been one of the pioneers in locating and representing competent suppliers from Europe, United States and Asia.
As a result of these worldwide collaborations, EUROPLASTEX has introduced:
the automatic mascara in 1974 from Henlopen - USA,
eyeliner and lipliner packages with built-in sharpener in 1980 from Spatz - Labs USA,
the first dispenser, in 1985, for an innovative lipgloss from Spatz Labs - USA.
These two last items are the result of marketing ideas from Europlastex combined with engineering competence of Spatz Labs.
In 1988, the first range of cosmetic dispensers for make-up and care products developed together with Wiko - Germany.
New cream jar concept like oval single wall jar and a 3 parts components jars (Multiline patent) from Hopf Germany.
These innovations are now basics of the beauty world.
In 1990, D. Crosnier, engineer-designer (DC Bys - Offranville), specialist in cosmetic pumps (ex-Ydev), entered into partnership with J.M. Duléry to develop a new device of "airless" pump, consisting of one elastomer component only (no more metal spring and ball nor plastic components). Additional patents in 1995 and 2001 have played a great part in the recognition of the quality of "CD" pumps. Over 50 millions of dispensers with "CD" pumps have been produced only by Wiko (RPC group now).
In 2002, a new range of thick single wall jar in SAN, called "ELEGANCE" has been designed in association with D. Crosnier and, since, is manufactured successfully by Hopf.
Nowadays, globalisation is every day life: a world without linguistic boundary and also unreservedly. Since two years, for that reason, EUROPLASTEX has intensively invested time in Asia and found 2 partners.

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